Week 6

Wednesday’s Class

Class T01 Editing Activity

  • Read the following article on Google
  • Read and evaluate the essays

Friday’s Classes

  • Read & Evaluate your class mates’ essays.
  • Thoughts on Kony 2012 as applied to Research
  • More on Kony 2012



Week 4

This week we will be doing two things. First, should prepare a Progress Report of what they have been doing in terms of research. A general example can be found at the following: Progress Report. Remember that your report should be 1 & 1/2 to 2 pages in length.

In the next class, you are required to ‘turn-in’ a copy of this report to me. In addition, please print out 4 copies to give to your classmates. During that class, I am going to ask that you and your classmates form groups and discuss your research.

Today’s Lesson

PART 1: Group Seminar

  1. Form Groups.
  2. Give each person 10 minutes to summarize their research.
  3. Give an additional 5 minutes for questions (during this time, the speaker should take notes).


PART 2: After discussing each other’s reports,

  1. Write a reflection of what you have learned from the feedback given (use the notes).
  2. Add this reflection at the end of your report.
  3. Post the entire report on your Blog (the Blog allows Word documents to be inserted).




Second Lesson

In the second lesson, you should all work on your research. I will go from person-to-person in a kind of MINI meeting, and query you on your progress.

Remember, next week, Friday, the Progress Report is due. That Report should be 1-2 pages and printed out. It is a graded assignment.

First Lesson

In the first lesson we will be covering the reading Navigating Genres. Student should also make a decision on what topical area they desire to do research. Several students have already decided on these topics, and these same students have rightly deduced that research, if it is to be any good, needs to be specific. That is, the research needs to be adequately narrowed down to a specific area. I will be reviewing these decisions when reading your Progress Reports due next week:

Also, some students have expressed reservations about this course being too difficult, and have stated an interest in returning to Lang 1001. Some students last semester also expressed similar feelings. One gal from the Mainland thought that her English was too poor, but than went on get receive an ‘A’ in this course. This grade came about because of her hard work, and the many drafts which she wrote. She later reported that she had never learned so much about writing.

It is true that you will write a lot in this course. But, you will also learn so much more!

By way of example, let me present everyone to one such essay written by a student named Yung Su Kim, who here shows an Introduction:



1. Read two blogs and comment on them,

2. Read the following articles on the writing process:

a. How to Read Like a Writer;
b. Looking for trouble;

3. Review the 13 topics and be prepared to choose one.

Environmental Refugees
Human Environmental Interaction
Ocean Disposal of Waste
Organic Foods
Planned Obsolescence/ Perceived Obsolescence
Green Chemistry
Zero Waste
Closed Loop Production
Renewable Energy
Local living Economies
Environmental Adaptation
Environmental Economics
Other: Computational Sustainability

Research Steps

  1. What is xxx?
  2. How is xxx different from yyy?
  3. Who are the major researchers in the field of xxx?
  4. What issues or problems are these researchers concerned with?
  5. In looking at the issue of ppp as found in xxx, what are the different sides?
  6. In regards to ppp (as found in xxx), what evidence or kind of evidence is given to support, and defend each side? What counter arguments are provided?

2,802 thoughts on “Week 6

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